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Arnold Code Academy is created and managed by Arnold Abraham. Arnold holds professional competence in the field of software development for a total of six years (2015-2021). Here you will understand more about why we created and developed this academy which now has more than 20 000 students enrolled in our courses. 

Arnold Abraham

Founder and CEO


” Memories are strongly connected with feeling and knowledge which is linked to emotions is significantly better anchored in memory.”

Why we do it

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Why we do it? What do we want to achieve? And why we believe we can help you develop your personal software development skills?



Personal Motivation

For me, the foundation was laid during my studies when I took on a part-time job teaching math and English to students in intensive courses. There I quickly realized that abstract examples and technical formulations do not meet with approval. If people want to learn something, examples and formulations should not be a barrier. Through this realization, I began to use explanations and examples from the everyday life of students or from my own everyday life and adopted the content of the topic to be taught accordingly.


When I started my engineering studies, I realized that adaptation must be a basic and masterable skill of a very good engineer. As my studies progressed, I then changed part-time jobs and taught math and physics to undergraduate students. Once again, it became apparent that many students had trouble following the professor’s highly precise but inaccessible formulations. Instead, I wrapped my explanations in simple everyday situations and smaller personal stories, which the students probably still remember today.


As my studies drew to a close, I chose the elective “Law for Engineers.” I did not expect much from it, because it was the choice of the “least evil”. The professor, on the other hand, applied in his lectures and exercises exactly the technique I had previously used with my students. He interwove his legal cases with absurd examples and strange characters with funny names.


Exams were coming up at the end of the semester and each example case was discussed exactly once during the semester. During the study period, I was able to remember about 80% of the cases off the top of my head in the first attempt. This joyful event had occurred because of the absurd examples and the funny names of the characters. The result of the exam was the highest grade! I can still remember many examples today and that semester is now five years ago.


If I am asked how my childhood went, I know a lot about it because children are very aware of emotions. They are new and a child experiences many things for the first time, both positive and negative emotions. These will remain burned in my memory forever and I am convinced that everyone remembers their childhood very well. Furthermore, it has been proven that knowledge that is linked to emotions is significantly better retained in memory.

Professional Motivation

I have a degree in engineering and am a graduate engineer in electrical engineering with a specialization in automation technology. From 10/2017 – 08/2020, I worked at AVL as a software developer. Although I chose automation engineering as a specification, this entry into professional life can be titled as a lateral entry, as the study had few modules on software development and these did not offer the corresponding depth that would have been needed for this position. 

During my studies, in 2015, I discovered a passion for software development and since then I have dedicated myself to this subject on a daily basis. I am inquisitive and curious about everything there is to discover in software development. This was followed by a student research project on web development (controlling a real elevator model via a web interface) and my diploma thesis on a web application that displays, aggregates, and forecasts service- and device-specific data from exhaust gas measurement systems.


did. My degree program did not offer a module on web development and yet I completed both papers with an A.

Besides my studies, I have dedicated most of my free time to software development with private projects in desktop and web development. Among them are 2 Android apps, 2 websites, and 1 web application. I managed to do this while studying and later while working full-time as a full-stack developer.

In my full-time position, I first developed firmware for boards of analyzers and then moved to a position called “Master Developer Software” which quenched my thirst for knowledge about object-oriented and functional programming as well as web and desktop development. In the four-person team I worked in, I was considered a mentor and imparted knowledge about web development to the three colleagues.

As a result, the existing application was elevated to the level of an enterprise application. I achieved this by having prior knowledge of the topics at the beginning, because I had dealt with web and desktop development in my private life, and in the new job I dealt with everything that had changed over time and was able to impart this knowledge.

When this transformation of a simple application into an enterprise application was completed, I felt empty and aspired to new and higher goals. The combination of collecting knowledge, imparting knowledge, and programming was dissolved and what remained was the pure development of software. I was missing the collecting of knowledge and the passing on of knowledge.

The described concept gives me back the compound of collecting, imparting, and developing!

I have professional competence in the field of software development for a total of six years (2015-2021). Three-year project management on my own (2018-2021) and in a full-time position as a software developer, a developer gets only rough directions anyway. The realization from the idea to the existing implementation is every time a separate project, which has to be thought about extensively and considered from all angles.

In the area of teaching, I spent a year teaching students (2013-2014) and teaching students complex issues as simply as possible over a period of three years (2014-2017).

Bio of Abraham Arnold
  • Short Bio:
    • Studied Electrical Engineering (Touched coding first in 2012)
    • Started Software Development in 2015 also in my spare time (code until now every single day)
    • Graduated 2017 as Diploma Engineer for Electrical Engineering
      • Study work: Web controlling interface for a real elevator: Grade 1 (best) (Technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3)
      • Graduation Work: Web Application for aggregating and filtering machine data from emission testing systems on the globe and determining upcoming maintenance intervals through my algorithm (Technologies (JavaScript + Angular.JS, NodeJs, ElasticSearch, Logstash, HTML5, CSS3 and MySQL (relational database))
    • Were tutor and mentor for 3 years during my studies
    • Worked as a Software Developer from 10/2017 – 08/2020 in a global company (AVL)
      • First Firmware Developer: developed & maintained firmware for 8 different analyzers in programming  language C
      • Then Full Stack Web & Desktop Developer changed application field to web/desktop inside the same company
        • Trained highly sophisticated and experienced coders (3 people) the newest technology and state-of-the-art programming for the web (Technologies: Angular2+, REDUX, TypeScript, MongoDB (NoSQL database) & SQLite (relational database) -> Developed an emission testing field planning software (AVL VITA), like a calendar with appointments but they are planned and executed automatically
        • Developed Backend with C# (REST API, User Roles, Database Management and design)
        • Developed also WPF Desktop Applications (AVL Vita & AVL ChargeMonitor (Charging and Monitoring of electric vehicles)
        • DevOps with Azure Cloud and Continuous Integration & Continuous Integration (CI/CD)
        • Working in Agile Methodology with SCRUM
    • SideProjects during employment time

” Positive emotions can improve performance in all types of tasks that require attention, including most types of academic learning tasks.”




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