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6 Little Secrets of JavaScript To Help You Shine at Job Interviews


Stats: Views: 14.9k

Pass Your Next Interview

3 Ways To Write Asynchronous Code in JavaScript


Stats: Views: 11k

Learn To Write Async As You’ve Never Did Anything Else in Your Life

6 JavaScript Best Practices To Master Functional Programming Style


Stats: Views: 8.8k

Use JavaScript functions the modern way

Try/Catch In TypeScript


Stats: Views: 5.7k

Escape any error exception in Typescript 4.0+ with unknown

One Reason Not to Migrate From JavaScript to TypeScript


Stats: Views: 10k

Typescript saves a lot of development time, but is it worth an entire migrating process?

Solid Principles C# — The Single Responsibility Principle


Stats: Views: 2.6k

Using the Single Responsibility Principle in Unity with jump and run style

Why Getters & Setters Aren’t OOP, Use This Technic Instead


Stats: Views: 1.94k

How Yegor Bugayenko’s concept of printers finally achieve proper OOP encapsulation

6 Hidden JavaScript Gems You Probably Missed But Will Make You A Shining Star At Work


Stats: Views: 5.5k

These tricks are dozing in JavaScript since ES6

Cheatsheet Differences Scrum vs Scrumban vs Kanban


Stats: Views: Views: 9k

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5 Ways To Drastically Shorten Your Code in C# 8.0


Stats: Views: 6.3k

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How Naming ruins your code!


Stats: Views: 2.7k

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How Today’s Efficiency Tools Break Our Productivity


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10 JavaScript Productivity Booster That Your Teammates Are Not Allowed to Know


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