Are you someone who is curious about programming languages and who wants to start coding? Are you a beginner or intermediate coder? Well if all the answers are positive, you have come to the right place – Welcome to the Arnold Code Academy.

If you want to have a practical, efficient, yet far from boring learning trajectory at a great cost, we encourage you to check out our courses section and also the reviews of our past students. Those who have already been in your shoes. 

We love to share knowledge and help you the best way we can! We have grown so much in recent years because of that and because we follow one main principle – we provide all our students with skills, practice, and experiences through unique, enjoying and engaging learning processes.

We design courses that are learning journeys, adventures for your mind, instead of lectures! Do you want to learn more?


Yes, we take it personally.

Arnold Abraham. Founder of Arnold Code Academy. Graduated Engineer with several years of experience in the industry developing software for web/desktop and mobile area. Developing games for over 5 years as a passion and taught other students during my studies in physics and mathematics. Writing medium articles, mainly about JavaScript.

“I love to share knowledge and help the best I can! I want to spread my knowledge with fun and make courses that are journeys instead of hourly long lectures!”

” The activation of positive emotions, such as the pleasure of learning, can increase student interest and motivation. These emotions help to recall positive memories and to evaluate positively the value of tasks and their own competence in solving them in a positive way”