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Task of Challenge #03/54

Print a multiplication table with 6 with for-loop .


Expected result:

The console output of the solution


The row of six goes from 6 to 60. Therefore we need a for-loop that iterates 10 times. You are a bit familiar with loops now (since you made challenge #01 and #02) and you know the rules of a for-loop.

The variable row is our printed statement every iteration. To get the multiplication table of six, we just multiply the base number of 6 with the next value of the iteration process. The row of six starts with 6*1, then 6*2, and then 6*3, and so on…

To print now a decent table, we have to display the entire entry as a term. So 6 * 1 = 6 as code is "6 * " + i + " = " 6 * i We need to have the quotation marks here, because we want a string as result. If we don’t use the quotation marks the “compiler” would then complain about the = . Leaving out also the = and the + sign in front of it would result in the following line:

let row = 6 *  + i + 6 * i;

Running the program then will print this:

Result of misused syntax

We have created a completely different term and therefore also a completely different output.

Be sure, that you know what you want to accomplish in order to use the right data types and statements.

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