Task of Challenge #23

Reverse a string. The string „JavaScript with ArnoldCode is the best!“



The function reverseString creates an empty string string2 where the reversed string will be stored to. A simple for loop covers the tasks of reversing our string. It does it by decrementing a running index of i from the string.length towards 0 and pushing therefore from the last element of the passed string until the first into string2.

You can see the parallels to arrays in challenge #22. Strings behave some kind of similar to arrays.

After the for loop, the function just returns your newly reversed string of string2.

If you want to dig deeper into strings, arrays and their methods you can read the Mozilla Dev Notes or take my JavaScript Course, where I introduce you also to all kinds of array methods (there are plenty of them and they are very useful).

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The output for the code above is:

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